Thursday, September 15, 2011

Throwin' you a bone

It's been a little while. (Anyone surprised?) So I thought I'd throw you a bone. Or 15.

15 Random Rachel Facts

·      I wish I could be BFFs with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. We would have some crazy awesome times and laugh all day. (dreamed about Tina Fey last night, and we hit it off. Yeah, we would totally be buds)
·      I’ve known that I was going to marry my husband since I was 16, but I didn’t admit it to myself until 18, and I didn’t admit it to the world until 19 (and I didn’t get married until 21, so I think I did a dang good job ‘waiting’).
·      I also wish I could be/could have been/could ever be BFFs with Anne, from Anne of Green Gables; though she was fictional, she was amazing.
·      I have always liked/loved the color yellow, unlike most people today, who like yellow because it is trendy, and I hate trends. I will dislike something just because it is trendy, even if I secretly like it.
·      I love to do “domestic” things, like cook/bake, sew, knit, and almost anything with pretty fabrics. I’m starting to think I like fabrics better than the crafts or things I make with the fabrics.
·      I would love to own a teacup pig someday
·      I miss my husband every moment he is away from me.
·      I recently got into a sub-category of fiction, about knitting. I call it Knit-Lit.
·      Pet Peeve: I think it’s stupid when people who used to be roommates still call each other Roomie. All. The. Time. Hellooooo, you’re not roomies anymore, you’re just regular friends. Use other names.
·      Another random genre of books I like, of which I can’t think of a clever title, are books that incorporate recipes into every chapter. One I really liked is called “The Gastronomy of Marriage.” Just bought another such-like book at the close out sale at Border’s called Edible Stories
·      I spend more time thinking about and planning new crafts to do and wanting to buy more materials at the craft store than I do actually crafting. I need to change that.
·      I wrote in a journal at least once a week, if not every day, from the ages 15-18. It helped with my teenage angst quite a bit, and being in the habit of writing helped develop my poetry too. When I got to college I gradually stopped journaling, but for the last few months I’ve started up again, and it feels good. Journaling is my version of therapy.
·      Another pet peeve: utensils scraping on plates. Not just the normal diner clatter you hear in movies, but the awful, I just wanna tear me ears off scraping. It’s worse than nails on a chalkboard for me.
·      I have an obsession with aprons. I’m now up to 4; 2 long, 2 little waist aprons. And I sewed my very first little waist apron for my new sister-in-law this summer, blog post to come (so I say!).
·      A few things I hold true:
o    I believe that feel-good music should be blasted from car sterios, not rap or heavy metal
o    I believe that my grandma and I are kindred spirits; I think she is brave, and I admire her
o    I believe that I am connected in some way to my future children; to me, they are tangible, though they do not yet physically exist. I love them, and I feel that when I meet them, a piece of my heart will become complete