Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Recent Absence

My Recent Absence

When I created my blog, I envisioned myself being a good blogger. Updating weekly, taking step-by-step pictures of every project, using clever phrasings to draw the reader in. Obviously I have sorely failed. But on a good note, it’s because I was busy living life! This past year has seen me through my first ever full time job, and that really took it out of me. Being a full time student was busy and stressful, but being a working woman was a whole different ballgame. After working all day, I seldom had the energy to do more than park it on the couch.

But when I did get off the couch…

-I worked 40, sometimes 45, hours a week at my job (see the previous post). I’m very proud of what I accomplished for Tulsa Transit. It was a blessing to be there, and a very good first job for me.

-I spent time with my friends! I love being a hostess.

-I cooked and created recipes. Which my husband happily ate.

-I got a baby guinea pig who died within 5 days from a sad small animal disease called Pasturella. A few weeks later I ‘adopted’ a friend’s guinea pig, who is still with me. I call her my garbage disposal, because she eats all of the peels and clippings of my fruits and veggies.

Say 'hi' Miss Gwinny!

-I inherited some gorgeous fabrics from my grandma (still living) and designed some fun hair clips. Soon(ish) I will start selling them on Stay tuned!

-I took up knitting. I have proudly completed 1 and ¾ scarves so far.

-I survived the Tulsa Blizzard of 2011. And when everyone else was getting wonderfully lazy days off work, I was being picked up by the company caravan to spend all day on the phone carefully explaining why snow in the streets keeps the buses from running regularly. (uh, duh?)

-I spent 80 hours in a small car with my in-laws. And I still love them!

-I joined a wonderful ladies’ bible study where we used John Ortberg’s small group study books. We had a blast and learned a lot.

-I taught 2 precious girls piano lessons in their homes on Sunday afternoons.

-I dragged my grandma’s (ancient!) bicycle from Fort Worth to Tulsa in my little car and took all of 3 rides before I let it slowly rust and gave it away at the Dumpster Free-for-all.

-My husband and I cancelled our cable in hopes that it would give us more free time for our hobbies. In addition to that, it gave us more free time to become addicted to Netflix.

And MOST recently:

-I resigned from my job at Tulsa Transit because…

-Schuyler graduated from ORU, Suma Cum Laude(!) on April 30th, our lease was up May 1st, and we packed up and moved back to our hometown of Fort Worth.

Proud wifey, that's me!

-We’ve been here about 6 weeks now, and it has been so great being with all of our family again.

So, I’ve started a brand new chapter in my life. Left behind some precious people in Tulsa that I am really missing. Looking forward to what’s in store, but not quite sure what that will mean. And I can’t make any promises, but I plan on being a better blogger this time around! In my current jobless state, I have actually had time for my hobbies. I’ve started a small shade garden, baked (too much!) and sewed my first apron. Stay tuned for posts with pictures of those endeavors.